Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Bird Park

I'm doing great here in Chatsworth. We have several investigators progressing towards baptism. We are now just waiting for the date. 

Today we went to a bird park so I have some pictures of those. 

Love Elder Preator.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nature Preserve / The Restoration

Last week we went to a nature preserve, and we took tons of cool pictures. We saw zebras and everything!

So I don’t know if you’ve seen on TV or anything, but there's xenophobia threats recently. Meaning the Zulu people have been going crazy about foreigners, so there's been riots and marches in Durban. There's been some deaths and the Mission President asked that we stay away from any locations where there are foreigners. They are only going after the other African people like from Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malouwi and the like. So we as missionaries aren’t in any danger, but its been pretty exciting. Everyone has been talking, and Durban apparently looked like a war zone at one point. Super Fun!

We had a baptism this week. It was the Elders QuorumPresident’s girlfriend. He taught her everything already and we just had to get there for the interview and everything. Super fun again! :) 

We did teach a new family, and they said they will come to church. Hopefully that happens soon. 

Love you guys! Hope everything is ok.

Elder Preator

Also, here are a few pictures of me recreating The Restoration (Praying, First Vision, Receiving the Plates).

Monday, April 13, 2015

Inactives in Chatsworth

Things have been good around here, just the same old same ole. We received a referral for this guy Matthew who fixes cars, and we went over and ended up teaching his whole family the restoration. We have been doing A LOT of less active work so we haven’t taught too many straight up lessons in the recent weeks. Especially around Easter because all of our investigators were away for holiday. 

So every Saturday we go to the market and hand out pass along cards or pamphlets, and this Muslim guy came and talked with us for quite a while about religion in general, and he even started to bash on America. Super funny, and he’s having us over tonight for a curry supper. We actually aren’t allowed to teach Muslims unless we get special permission from the President, because in their society, they will kill each other to “save” them if they convert to something else. Super scary, but they’re nice people. 

Anyway, things are going good here. Elder Halford and I are working hard in Chatsworth. Love you guys!

So last week I used my district leader’s camera so now this is mine. Pictures with me in it! :)

Elder Preator

Monday, April 6, 2015

Run Franky, RUN!

(We asked if the dog he hit was fine and if he got a contact out of it)
No worries, the dog is fine! :) 

So basically Easter was just like back home. I can’t count the number of marshmallow Easter eggs we have eaten ... but, it was really awesome! :) 

(When asked if he had a piano in his new area)
They have one of those pianos that we have in the relief society room, so they play the recorded songs. So far I've gotten out of it and its been really nice.

Today we were at a light and there was traffic ahead, so everyone was just in the intersection and there were cars everywhere and I was right in the middle! Yaaaaaay.  That is basically the drivers here. We saw a body bag on the highway the other day because someone hit someone.  I’ve seen about 1000 people run blatantly red lights. And everyone speeds and there are NO police. Its like the autobahn except we have a tracker so the senior couple can see how fast we are going. I’ve been called once already.

So for Easter we bought a Duck and kept it alive over the weekend (emotionally bonding with it). We named it Franky, and today ... they made me kill him. We plucked and gutted him and then had a barbecue with him and a chicken and we made tons of food. It was awesome. There may or may not be a video.


Elder Preator