Monday, April 13, 2015

Inactives in Chatsworth

Things have been good around here, just the same old same ole. We received a referral for this guy Matthew who fixes cars, and we went over and ended up teaching his whole family the restoration. We have been doing A LOT of less active work so we haven’t taught too many straight up lessons in the recent weeks. Especially around Easter because all of our investigators were away for holiday. 

So every Saturday we go to the market and hand out pass along cards or pamphlets, and this Muslim guy came and talked with us for quite a while about religion in general, and he even started to bash on America. Super funny, and he’s having us over tonight for a curry supper. We actually aren’t allowed to teach Muslims unless we get special permission from the President, because in their society, they will kill each other to “save” them if they convert to something else. Super scary, but they’re nice people. 

Anyway, things are going good here. Elder Halford and I are working hard in Chatsworth. Love you guys!

So last week I used my district leader’s camera so now this is mine. Pictures with me in it! :)

Elder Preator

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