Monday, December 28, 2015

Soccer On The Beach

In response to your request to share your cold with me, I could try to package up our heat and send it to you. It was like 45 the other day (113 fahrenheit). When we get back into the boarding, we take our shirts off and turn the fans on and sit in front of it. Its too hot!

On Saturday we played soccer on some grass right next to the beach. It was so hot that we were all sweating buckets. And then it got super cold, and rained on us as we walked back to our boarding. (yeah we live a walking distance from the beach.)

I hope you guys are staying warm. Have a Happy New Year!

Elder Preator

The picture is like a weird tick thing my comp found on a dog. It was full of blood.

Swimming (in the humidity)

I am here in Richards Bay, the hottest place on earth. Today's high, is 42. 42...I am going to let you do the conversion yourself (107.6 fahrenheit). And we are right on the beach, so we are swimming around the humidity. You can cut it with a knife. The senior couple here, the Todds, happens to be from Centennial ,Colorado. 

We have been tracting all day every day, on white rich Afrikaans places. I think every Afrikaaner has a boat. We basically ring on gates all day until someone answers, but it's not so bad. My companion is pretty cool. He is from Tanzania and his name is Elder Odhiambo. He been out for 17 months so I'm the junior companion again. Woooooo!

Hope all is well at home!

Merry Christmas! And thanks for all that candy. I will eat maybe some of it. I think you guys are trying to kill me.

Elder Preator

Monday, December 14, 2015

Headed to Richard's Bay

So I am getting transferred away from this place allllllll the way back to Richards Bay which is 2 hours north of Durban. Which means I will take a 12 hour bus ride tonight, and then probably drive 2 hours to our area. Great! #sweatytransfers

Some fun facts that I’ve heard through the grapevine, Richards Bay is one of the hottest places to be. Especially during January, Febuary and March. Its a good thing I’m totally avoiding those months. #drippingwithsweatandsarcasminanticipation

I think I have mentioned Elder Chapman before; well he just got called to be the new AP. I now have friends in high places. 

Elder Smith and I have had some nice adventures this transfer. From building a hobo fire on the porch, to sleeping on the roof. (see picts below)

Sleeping On The Roof With Elder Smith

Picts from Botshabelo Area

Darth Preator with Elder Smith - "That's Impossible!"
Abandoned Airport Picts

Pictures would be Nice, NOT!

So, I have tons of pictures to send, but I can't send them today because the computer is not letting me. We went to that abandoned airport again. We took tons of sweet pictures, and that was nice. Too bad you can't see them! #psychyouout

So I told one of our investigators, Thami, that I was probably leaving soon, and he got really sad. He did assure me however, that he would eventually "make it" which I suppose he thinks is baptism. That would be pretty sweet though. He seems really close, but he just needs to come to church. Our other investigator Sechaba, who is 15, went to Stake Conference with one of the families in the branch. I think he for sure will be baptised. Looking forward to that as well. But, I probably won't be around for that. 

Anyway, yeah, the pictures I will send next week will be worth 1000 words, and you can look forward to that. #believeitwhenyouseeit

Elder Preator

Monday, November 30, 2015

Floods, Rocks and Investigators, Oh My!

We had Zone Conference, and I took a picture with Elder Webb. I took a lot more pictures, but its hard to send them. They take like an hour a piece  

It rained the other day. Literally floods in the streets.(see pict) There were also riots and people took tons of rocks and put them all on the road. good thing we drive a truck. (see pict)

One other thing, we woke up to a flat tire, so for the first time in my life I changed a tire.(see pict) 

Everything in Botshabelo is great. We have several investigators heading towards a baptismal date, but the transfer is ending one week short. So I don’t think I will be able to see any of them be baptized. Thats my main deterrent right now. It kind of kills all of my motivation, but I am trying to power through it. That being said, I will probably go to a new area around the 14th of December.

I’m really tired. I let my whole district email before me because I’m freaking awesome! So I’m emailing at 8:30. 

Love Elder Preator

Changing a Flat Tire

Rocks on the road after a riot

Flooding in the streets

Elder Webb and Elder Preator

District picture

Monday, November 16, 2015

Trainers within Trainers - Who Knew?

I do look somewhat slimmer now, even though I haven't sent you any pictures. We play soccer nearly every week, and with hiking, and a changed diet, all the missionaries comment. 

I once again went a whole week without taking pictures, but some interesting things have happened. 

1. I am still training Elder Rakotomalala, but Elder Rakotomanana is now training a missionary from...Dum dum dummmmmm. Utah. Elder Smith. But he is pretty cool, and I like him. We have virtually the same music taste, and he doesn't seem like the same breed as those Arizona boys these days. The AZ Elders are turning into the "spiritual giants" so yeah. Its also nice to just have someone to talk/pun with, while our companions relieve their held back wall of information that gets too strained by English.

2. We have an investigator whose name is Thami which is short for Thamsanqa. Obviously you know how to pronounce the Q's by now. He own's a little shop with a pool table and sells cigarettes and candy. Ironically he loved the concept of revelation concerning the Word of Wisdom. We see him nearly every day, and after most lessons, we throw down a couple rounds of pool. My companion is really good, because he said they played pool every week for youth night. Thami should be baptized soon if everything goes according to plan.

3. Elder Smith drives. I have been given small breaks from the burden of driving. Its wonderful. 

I think thats it. I don't know why I made a numerical list for only 3 subjects.

Oh, I have also been doing a deep study of the old testament. We technically aren't supposed to because we are supposed to study for our investigators. Ah. Who cares. I've treasured up in mind the things which I should teach so they will be given to me whenever I petition for them. Pretty sure thats how the scripture goes. (sarcasm seeps dramatically from that)

Ok, love you guys. Hope you are doing well!

Elder Preator

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hike to Mount Tibanchu

A few weeks ago you mentioned that a picture is worth a thousand words? I will take you up on that.

This saturday, we went and hiked Tibanchu Mt with the branch. It is the closest to home I've felt in a long time. On the way up, it seemed just like those from home. Pretty sweet. It took us two hours to get to the top, and someone carried the metal grate so we could start a fire on the top and cook meat. In Africa its called a Braai (Afrikaans). But, we all brought meat, and the first counselor brought dough and made biscuits to eat with it. #AfricaPrettyGreat

I have been taking the cook book and really using it. I made a pizza, tator tot casserole, brownies, and banana bread. Tonight I am making pizza again. Some of the recipes need some work though, like the brownies didn't call for any sort of rising aid, so they were flat because I don't know things. It was only after asking Sister Roberts (from the senior couple )what went wrong that I found out. #icancookcanyou?

I also bought a South Africa Rugby jersey. We didn't take any pictures due to the devastating loss against New Zealand.

Elder Preator

Friday, November 6, 2015

Q&A with our Favorite Missionary

Dumela (Sotho for Hello; good morning)

Q - How is your mission going now that you’ve reached your year mark?

A - My mission is great. I am doing great. I hope my lack of emails can show how I feel. I am too lazy to include everything that happened, because its simply too much. :)My mission is great. I am doing great. I hope my lack of emails can show how I feel. I am too lazy to include everything that happened, because its simply too much. :) We hardly get fed these days, and we play soccer on Saturday mornings with the branch. These guys are good at soccer. Watch out Colorado, I’m coming home to go professional. 

Free state is freaking hot. Especially when we are walking all the time. 

Things this week were OK. We ended up watching the Rugby World cup on Saturday as our district activity. If anybody cares, South Africa is in the semi finals against New Zealand this Saturday. Its kind of a big deal. 

Missionary work wasn’t too involved this week, because we lost a day to Zone Training, and we also had a training meeting. We are going to try harder this coming week to follow up on all of the contacts that we have made.

Q - Have you reached any goals you’ve set for yourself so far?  What are you goals for the coming year?

A -  I have lots of goals, but I don’t really remember them. I know I probably should write them down soon. It doesn’t feel like a year. Hope everything is going well. Just know I am doing great! 

Q - Will you tell us more about your companion?

A - My companion’s name is Elder Rakotomalala.  (Don’t worry, everyone has trouble pronouncing it.) He’s my ‘son’ and is great! His English is getting better and better every day.. He is sweet! 

Yes, he’s seen the moving Madagascar. Everyone in our area comments when see him. Something like: “I like to move it move it.” No one speaks his language except for the other Elders from Madagascar. There are three in our zone and two in our district. He seems to be liking things now. His English is turning out very well. He can keep up now and usually express himself.

Q - How is your apartment there in Free State?

A - The apartment is nice, and I think I can say the only flaw my companion has is he doesn’t like to clean, so I am the only reason we haven’t totally been taking over by ants...

Q - Did you get to watch General Conference?

A - We watched the Sunday session of conference, and I liked Elder Bednar’s talk, and that one about digging a hole, and not intending to get muddy.

Q - Can you send us more pictures?

A - So fun fact, there is this Elder here, Elder Chapman. He is my Zone Leader, and probably my favorite missionary ever. His parents are also less than pleased at his picture taking abilities, but instead of complaining about it every week, they cut him a deal. They told him for every picture he sends, they add some money into an account that he will use when he gets home. Now I’m not going to say that you need to do that, but you have your agency. (My picture taking has been dismal lately. Sorry.)

Q - How was Halloween in South Africa?

A - I got the package, just in time for Halloween. I actually forgot about Halloween, until Monday when Chapman reminded me. Thanks for the cook book. It came just as I have been thinking about branching out from peanut butter and jelly, and chicken sandwiches. I want to let me cohorts experience tater-tot casserole. I think today I am going to make pizza for us. Homemade. But the tricky thing was, they don’t sell all the ingredients I need. When I asked for garlic salt the manager told me, sorry we don’t sell that here, you’ll have to go to Bloemfontein. Kill me. 

Q - Elections are this week.  Just think, next year, you’ll be here to vote for our new President.  What do you think?

A - With the election, I don’t know how educated I will be on the candidates next year. From what I’ve heard it sounds like Donald Trump is going for president? Maybe not anymore, but I’m not very well informed which is OK. Every once in a while I catch them talking about it on the news, but the news 9 times out of 10 is on the IsiXhosa channel or SeSotho channel. I have worn a Donald Trump tie, and it looked very nice. Maybe that will swing him in my favor.

Q - Will you be transferred soon or staying in Free State?

A - Because I am training, that means I will most likely be staying here another transfer. Most of the times, the trainee stays with their trainer for two, and we are only at one right now. I am excited though, for the next 6 weeks. I think training is starting to take a toll on me. Its exhausting doing most of the talking. My companion does very well in what he prepares, but when it comes to complex questions I generally have to take over. He is getting there though. He doesn’t realize it yet, but him now compared to before, is already a huge difference, and I am enjoying teaching English. It seems more difficult when you see all the basic rules and exceptions. 

The Lord is evident in our work. We keep praying to actually see the results of our labors, and recently we have been. We have had some investigators actually come to church, and new people becoming very receptive. I think we just need some big pushes this transfer, and we could have some baptisms on our hands! 

Anyway love you guys, sorry this letter is so long. 

Loving life. Hope you guys are doing well!

Love Elder Preator

Monday, October 5, 2015

Random Miracles in Bots!

This week has been one full of random miracles;

Miracle Number One:
We went to teach a less active member who hasn't been to church in a while. We found her there with her friend who said he was just a friend, and taught a surprise restoration. He had tons of questions and said he was coming to church AND bringing the less active member with him. #twobirdswithonestone

Miracle Number Two:
We had a number of Less-Actives come to church, and some of them even bore their testimonies at church. One of the members told me, she hasn't ever heard them bear their testimonies even when they were active members. The Lord is here ladies and gentlemen. #TheLordIsHere!

Miracle Number Three:
My 'son' is fantastic. He is basically me, but from Madagascar. He loves music, plays a little piano, plays the guitar, and sings very well. It was weird hearing the branch yesterday and actually hearing my companion singing the right notes. I love him so much. He is good at English considering how long he has been studying it. His greatest strength is that he's confident, and is never afraid to share his testimony, even if it doesn't totally come out right. He is already contacting people in English, and he shares his testimony during lessons and to me all the time. I am loving training right now. #sweetcompanion

We will be watching conference in two weeks time at the church. I am excited from what I have heard so far. Apparently Elder Renlund was in the Southeast Africa Area Presidency about a year and half ago. 

We have a baptism coming at the end of this month. #prayforus

Love you all!
Loving Africa, and Botshabelo
Elder Preator

 My "son", Kuze and I 

Relief society sisters on heritage day

A cows leg (not uncommon)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dirt or Snow? Which makes driving harder?

Hello everybody. This week was hectic, I almost flipped the truck...*cough cough* just exaggerating, but driving in dirt is only second to driving in snow. #exaggeration

My companion is now leaving me. I will miss Elder Masinga. My new companion is from Madagascar and doesn't speak english. Looks like I will be teaching english, training, doing missionary work, and being district leader all at the same time. Its going to be a lot of pressure, so wish me luck. #pressurebuilds

Love Elder Preator

The Zone

My companion, Elder Masinga and I (and the favourite baby in the branch)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Worthy Cause to Speed

Pretty eventful week. We had Zone Conference, so I have no more disposition to do evil...I mean, we are going to do our best to work our hardest this week. Looking forward to it. 

This last week we went and saw a giant statue of Nelson Mandela. Pretty sweet. We also saw tons of zebras, and an ostrich. Also in my pictures is a giant spider in our flat. The other is in the upper corner of our shower. Those guys have been there for weeks. We have an agreement; they don’t mess with us, we don’t mess with them. The two in the shower are Angela and Joey.

In other news, we had great church attendance this past week. We filled up the whole makeshift chapel that fits about 45 with like 50. wooohooo. Our investigators are all doing well. We invited Sister Puleng to be baptized, and she said she would pray about it. Normally people just say yes, but then fall through, so that was kind of different. I think that its a good sign. We’ll find out this week. One of our investigators was being taught by the JW’s as well, so we’re just trying to flush all the false out of him.

Last night our District Leader, Elder Santagane felt pains in what we thought was his appendix, so I assumed the role of ambulance driver and broke tons of laws. Didn’t get caught because my cause was worthy, and it was 11 at night and no one was around. I made our hour drive to Bloemfontein in 30 minutesThe highest speed here is 120, and I was going 160. The senior couples told us to hurry so I blame them when the tracker company calls sometime today! :)  He's still feeling sick, but its nothing serious. 

Elder Preator

Freaking Cold in Africa

So I think this weekend I actually fasted for the first time ever. Just thought I would let you know.

Thanks for the jokes. I will send them to all the potential wives. 
   You know what the worst part about multiple wives is?
   Multiple Mother in laws.

My comp fell on a bike this week and I ran over some wire and it caught around our truck's drive shaft and had the playing-card-in-the-spokes-effect. Everyone was giving us that look. We couldn’t find any wire cutters, and we decided, because we were late, we would just go to our area. It fell off on the highway when I was doing 120 (70 Mph).

Its FREAKING COLD IN AFRICA. Thank goodness Summer is coming soon. We had a particular day was in the 40s. Freaking cold! That was the only day that got cold in the day though. Most days are like Colorado in the Winter or Autumn. REALLY cold at night especially without a heater. And it heats up due to the sun. We could see our breath.

Ok I'm going to answer some of your questions:

1. We live next door to the other two elders in our district. The 4 of us however are isolated about an hour outside of the nearest missionaries. 

2. We have our own "outer darkness" zone conference.

3. I have been driving a stick shift truck for like a week and half now.

4. My companion is Elder Masinga. He is from Mpumalanga, South Africa. He is super cool, and we get along very well.

Elder Preator
Love you guys!
Elder Preator

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Funeral Fun in Bots!

This week in Botshabelo (Bots), we had some complications, including a funeral in the area we live, Tabanchu.  This is where the other 2 Elders in our district work. For the funeral, we used the car to transport all the necessary accessories; food, tables, chairs, people etc. For 3 days we didn’t or couldn’t go into our area, but we helped them a lot. On Saturday, we had a small service in the morning before going to the chapel for another, and we, the missionaries, had to find transport for everybody else. So we drove and sped down the road chasing a Taxi and honking at him to pull over. Super fun!

My companion is Elder Masinga. He is from Mpumalanga South Africa. He is super cool, and we get along very well. We live next door to the other two elders in our district. The 4 of us, however are isolated about an hour outside of the nearest missionaries in Bloemfontein. (We have our own “outer darkness” zone conference.) In this area, I have been driving a stick shift truck. (For like a week and half now!)

In other news, we have some progressing investigators who if all goes according to plan, will be baptized by the end of September. Ria is a 16 year old girl and she really understands and accepts the gospel. Tomelo (I haven’t actually met him) is 18 I think, but he has had all the discussions, except the JW’s were simultaneously teaching him. So we are in the middle of a battle. The other is Pulang, and she has come to church on her own, progressing very nicely. The work is so nice and I am looking forward to the rest of this transfer with Elder Masinga.

Love you Guys!
Elder Preator

The Funeral in Tabanchu

A Sotho sheperd
(they wear a “sotho blanket” and what looks like a chinese hat and a staff. pretty cool.)

 Elder Masinga after falling off a bike

Monday, August 24, 2015

Botshabelo in the Freestate (Outer darkness?)

I have been transferred into what has been termed as “outer darkness.” Our mission covers 2 provinces (KZN and Freestate) and the Country Lesotho. KZN is the coast and all the missionaries are close together. There are 6 different zones on the coast, and here in the Freestate, there is only the Bloemfontein Zone. It covers the area of all Freestate which is about the same size as the other 6 zones combined.

Anyway, the place I am now serving, Botshabelo, is a township where they speak Sotho. The work here is very good. People are receptive to the gospel and appreciate and love us. It is nice being loved. As I am new, there is not much to say about the work this week. I did, however, learn stick shift. I am a master now!

Love Elder Preator

Uncle Gopaul
Uncle Tarzan (mostly deaf)

Uncle Bunny from Chatsworth

The Govindasamys from Chatsworth. (I know, I’m getting thick.)

My current companion and the first counselor doing service while I take pictures.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Senior Companion in Botshabelo "Place of Refuge"

I am getting transferred to Freestate. The city is called Bloemfontein and I will be serving in a township called Bhotshabelo. I am going to be Senior Companion to Elder Masinga and I take a 12 hour bus ride tomorrow. Super excited to finally have a change in scenery. And aroma.  

You guys guessed it. Really short this week. :) I know for me its hard to read long emails if theres no pictures so I will keep it short.

I will miss the people here in Chatsworth, but I am ready to leave.

More from me next week. I promise.

Love you guys.
Elder Preator


Botshabelo, meaning “a place of refuge”, is a large black settlement set up by the then apartheid government 45 km east of Bloemfontein, Free State province, South Africa. As many people moved away from the farms in the Free State, they looked for places to stay in the region of Thaba Nchu, another homeland under the old Bophutatswana government.
The policy governing Bophutatswana at the time clearly stated that Bophutatswana belongs to those who are of Tswana tribe. As a result, all other tribes, mainly Southern Sotho and Xhosa, were put at a squatter camp named “Kromdraai”. Kromdraai was initiated by a man who was only referred to as “Khoza”. He was selling a stand for only 50 cents around the year of 1976.

Later on the government of Bophutatswana started to strongly condemn the development of that area and worked hard through their police force during the day and night, striving to dispatch everybody living in the region and who is not a Tswana. As the pressure mounted for the people of Kromdraai, Khoza fled and he was no longer to be seen anywhere.

In 1979, the then Prime Minister of QwaQwa, Kenneth Mopeli together with the apartheid government found a place for all the people of Kromdraai at a farm called Onverwacht. All the people who were not Tswana started to move to Onverwacht for free, and later on when they started to settle in the area paid ZAR80 for a stand. Late in 1980 to early 1981 the name Onverwacht started to disappear and people started to call their place by the name of Botshabelo, this name given by Julius Nkoko.

Botshabelo is one of the towns that have produced soccer players for the Premier Soccer League (PSL) especially for Celtics such as Madidilane, Ditheko Mototo, the late Abram Raselemane, Ntho Moshe, Motseothata November, Ace Gulwa,Lefu Nyapuli,Teboho Salemane and others. Population is mainly composed of people speaking S. Sotho and Xhosa.

Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African99.2%
 • Coloured0.3%
 • Indian/Asian0.2%
 • White0.1%
 • Other0.2%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • Sotho84.5%
 • Xhosa7.6%
 • English2.0%
 • Afrikaans1.6%
 • Other4.3%

Monday, August 10, 2015

Time in Chatty-Kathy coming to a close.

2 Nephi 31 is a sweet chapter in general. One of our mission Vision Statements is 2 Nephi 31:13. It's the chapter we give to investigators to read and it includes the basics like you said. Have faith, repent, get baptized, recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. Either they don't understand English very well when we give this to them, or they get the picture and our purpose. (If they understand, they either drop us or continue lessons so its a nice statement.)

My companion, Elder Willombe is from Zambia. He thinks and envisions himself as a black American. He is really funny and gets most of my jokes so thats nice. He's been on his mission for 15 months and I am his first junior companion. I have been really pushing him to work hard and it's taking him a little bit to take ownership and be "senior companion". 

I will most likely be leaving him however this coming week. That will mark 6 months in Chatsworth or Chatty-Kathy as we have called it (because Indians will talk your ear off).

I have a scripture for you guys, (I will use this space to do that because there is nothing happening in Chatsworth) 2 Timothy 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 

I used it to describe a member here...jokingly...but it kind of explains that we can accumulate knowledge, but it may not be wisdom until you apply it. If we don't apply it we are caught in a cycle of "ever learning" and never arriving to the knowledge of how to use it.

Hope all is well. I attempted to replace the 700 rands I spent into my account, but I couldn't, so I bought a new, nice watch for 400 rands. (on discount Mom.) It even shows me the date.

Also saw this little guy outside our car.

Love You guys!
Elder Preator

Monday, August 3, 2015

Chatsworth with WIllombe

This past week we had interviews with president and it was great! My interview really uplifted me and made me feel like I mean something to the mission. I know that president is an inspired man, partly because he asked me if I have been telling my family enough to let them know how I'm doing. ;) It's like he knew exactly that I was below par and told me I should fix it so here we go!

This past week was ok, Elder Willombe and I are doing work in Chatsworth. We found an investigator, I might have already mentioned him, but his name is Terrance. He stays with a member, but is not a member obviously. We gave him a restoration pamphlet and he said he would read it, and he did. I have never seen anyone digest and understand the restoration like he did. After talking about the restoration and the pamphlet we gave him the next one for the plan of salvation and he read and understood that one too. Overall he is showing signs of progression except he hasn't come to church yet which is a bummer. Anyway, working with him is really the only redeeming factor of Chatsworth so hopefully he goes somewhere. 

This week I kind had a realization as to how my mission should be, how its been, and such. I had such a desire to just press forward and keep going. It was pretty sweet and this fire has been good for the work and for me. My testimony doubled this week and I know the gospel is true. 

So this week we went to a YSA was partly a farewell for this Sister Nomfundo. She is going to the Ghana MTC and the serving in Uganda. She is pretty excited, and it's nice seeing someone prepare for a mission and service to the Lord. I think she's the one in the middle of the picture. Please excuse the manner of which the picture was taken. You know. Girls.

Anyway, hope all is well back at home! I love you guys and feel your prayers everyday. 

Elder Preator

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pool Table and Referrals

I recently spent 700 Rands (56.75 dollars) on getting materials for a pool table. Yeah. This member, Uncle Bunny, donated his old pool table, which we helped move, to the church, and there were no pool accessories ie: Pool sticks, balls, and that triangle. Our landlord told us if we bought them that the Bishop would pay us back, so I took the liberty. Needless to say I now have a check for 700 Rands and I've been waiting for an opportunity to put it back into my account.

I've put myself on somewhat of a diet, and I can now say I fit my suits again. After two weeks of just not eating so much and so unhealthily, and working out a little, it came right off! Its like I'm in my teens or something. I'm dreading getting into my 40's when I can't do that...

Work in chatsworth has been getting better. We've been getting lots of referrals from the office and members now so that's been nice. I've been studying a lot recently in the Book of Mormon, and listening to some sweet orchestral arrangements of hymns. 

Ok love you guys, no pictures today, this computer won't allow me, next week though. 

Elder Preator

Saturday, July 18, 2015

And my Father Dwelt in a tent! (Aka, the shortest letter in history!)

Sounds like the family reunion was a blast. I'm short for words today, but life's  great! We're teaching and visiting tons of great people here in Chatsworth and my companion is sweet. He cooks so that's nice. 

Love You guys!

Elder Preator

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July in Chatsworth

The 4th of July was Elder Halford's last day as a missionary. (He had his interview with president on Saturday and then he hung out in the mission home until today.) We celebrated with some fireworks (2 firecrackers, no rockets that I had hidden, forgotten about again from New Year's). We also took pictures with mustaches on. The other white Elder is Elder Faganello from Canada. I think he's been in a couple of pictures. The one from Uganda is Elder Okurut. Lots of fun.  Pretty sweet experience. So Elder Halford has left and I will miss him. I learned a lot of things from him and I will remember him my whole mission.

I am staying in Chatsworth this transfer. Hopefully it's my last. I will be recieving Elder Willombe who is from Zambia. I'm super excited, I've had companions from 3 different countries, and now 4! I'm really looking forward to it. He'll be here tomorrow.  For the weekend, I've been bunking with the Zone Leaders so that's been nice.  They aren't as lazy as Elder Halford and I were.

Yes, I've gained a few pounds.  It really sucks! Elder Halford and I motivated each other to not work out. For example, we come into the boarding at night, plan, and then he just goes to bed or something. I don't want to do anything alone. (Or in the morning I value that hot shower and lazy time). So I'm very happy with the suit I purchased (the blue one) because it has that extra material in the back for people like me. I think sometime in the near future I will use it...

Love you guys, Love the Lord
Elder Preator

Hiking in Chatsworth

Our baptismal candidate, Thobani couldn't get baptized this last Sunday because he's 16 and his mom isn't giving him permission. Pretty sad day, and he was really the only thing going on in Chatsworth, so we might have to do some finding!

This week wasn't too exciting, its getting closer to Elder Halford's last day, in fact this is his last week, so we have been getting fed more and more. I might explode!

Yesterday we went on a hike and it took all day, which is why I'm emailing on Tuesday. Spectacular sights and a sweet waterfall. Pictures included.

Love Elder Preator

Elders Bryan, Halford, Faganello, and me.

Me, Elder Kelsey, Halford, and Merile.