Monday, August 24, 2015

Botshabelo in the Freestate (Outer darkness?)

I have been transferred into what has been termed as “outer darkness.” Our mission covers 2 provinces (KZN and Freestate) and the Country Lesotho. KZN is the coast and all the missionaries are close together. There are 6 different zones on the coast, and here in the Freestate, there is only the Bloemfontein Zone. It covers the area of all Freestate which is about the same size as the other 6 zones combined.

Anyway, the place I am now serving, Botshabelo, is a township where they speak Sotho. The work here is very good. People are receptive to the gospel and appreciate and love us. It is nice being loved. As I am new, there is not much to say about the work this week. I did, however, learn stick shift. I am a master now!

Love Elder Preator

Uncle Gopaul
Uncle Tarzan (mostly deaf)

Uncle Bunny from Chatsworth

The Govindasamys from Chatsworth. (I know, I’m getting thick.)

My current companion and the first counselor doing service while I take pictures.

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