Monday, August 3, 2015

Chatsworth with WIllombe

This past week we had interviews with president and it was great! My interview really uplifted me and made me feel like I mean something to the mission. I know that president is an inspired man, partly because he asked me if I have been telling my family enough to let them know how I'm doing. ;) It's like he knew exactly that I was below par and told me I should fix it so here we go!

This past week was ok, Elder Willombe and I are doing work in Chatsworth. We found an investigator, I might have already mentioned him, but his name is Terrance. He stays with a member, but is not a member obviously. We gave him a restoration pamphlet and he said he would read it, and he did. I have never seen anyone digest and understand the restoration like he did. After talking about the restoration and the pamphlet we gave him the next one for the plan of salvation and he read and understood that one too. Overall he is showing signs of progression except he hasn't come to church yet which is a bummer. Anyway, working with him is really the only redeeming factor of Chatsworth so hopefully he goes somewhere. 

This week I kind had a realization as to how my mission should be, how its been, and such. I had such a desire to just press forward and keep going. It was pretty sweet and this fire has been good for the work and for me. My testimony doubled this week and I know the gospel is true. 

So this week we went to a YSA was partly a farewell for this Sister Nomfundo. She is going to the Ghana MTC and the serving in Uganda. She is pretty excited, and it's nice seeing someone prepare for a mission and service to the Lord. I think she's the one in the middle of the picture. Please excuse the manner of which the picture was taken. You know. Girls.

Anyway, hope all is well back at home! I love you guys and feel your prayers everyday. 

Elder Preator

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