Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pool Table and Referrals

I recently spent 700 Rands (56.75 dollars) on getting materials for a pool table. Yeah. This member, Uncle Bunny, donated his old pool table, which we helped move, to the church, and there were no pool accessories ie: Pool sticks, balls, and that triangle. Our landlord told us if we bought them that the Bishop would pay us back, so I took the liberty. Needless to say I now have a check for 700 Rands and I've been waiting for an opportunity to put it back into my account.

I've put myself on somewhat of a diet, and I can now say I fit my suits again. After two weeks of just not eating so much and so unhealthily, and working out a little, it came right off! Its like I'm in my teens or something. I'm dreading getting into my 40's when I can't do that...

Work in chatsworth has been getting better. We've been getting lots of referrals from the office and members now so that's been nice. I've been studying a lot recently in the Book of Mormon, and listening to some sweet orchestral arrangements of hymns. 

Ok love you guys, no pictures today, this computer won't allow me, next week though. 

Elder Preator

Saturday, July 18, 2015

And my Father Dwelt in a tent! (Aka, the shortest letter in history!)

Sounds like the family reunion was a blast. I'm short for words today, but life's  great! We're teaching and visiting tons of great people here in Chatsworth and my companion is sweet. He cooks so that's nice. 

Love You guys!

Elder Preator

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July in Chatsworth

The 4th of July was Elder Halford's last day as a missionary. (He had his interview with president on Saturday and then he hung out in the mission home until today.) We celebrated with some fireworks (2 firecrackers, no rockets that I had hidden, forgotten about again from New Year's). We also took pictures with mustaches on. The other white Elder is Elder Faganello from Canada. I think he's been in a couple of pictures. The one from Uganda is Elder Okurut. Lots of fun.  Pretty sweet experience. So Elder Halford has left and I will miss him. I learned a lot of things from him and I will remember him my whole mission.

I am staying in Chatsworth this transfer. Hopefully it's my last. I will be recieving Elder Willombe who is from Zambia. I'm super excited, I've had companions from 3 different countries, and now 4! I'm really looking forward to it. He'll be here tomorrow.  For the weekend, I've been bunking with the Zone Leaders so that's been nice.  They aren't as lazy as Elder Halford and I were.

Yes, I've gained a few pounds.  It really sucks! Elder Halford and I motivated each other to not work out. For example, we come into the boarding at night, plan, and then he just goes to bed or something. I don't want to do anything alone. (Or in the morning I value that hot shower and lazy time). So I'm very happy with the suit I purchased (the blue one) because it has that extra material in the back for people like me. I think sometime in the near future I will use it...

Love you guys, Love the Lord
Elder Preator

Hiking in Chatsworth

Our baptismal candidate, Thobani couldn't get baptized this last Sunday because he's 16 and his mom isn't giving him permission. Pretty sad day, and he was really the only thing going on in Chatsworth, so we might have to do some finding!

This week wasn't too exciting, its getting closer to Elder Halford's last day, in fact this is his last week, so we have been getting fed more and more. I might explode!

Yesterday we went on a hike and it took all day, which is why I'm emailing on Tuesday. Spectacular sights and a sweet waterfall. Pictures included.

Love Elder Preator

Elders Bryan, Halford, Faganello, and me.

Me, Elder Kelsey, Halford, and Merile.