Monday, July 6, 2015

Hiking in Chatsworth

Our baptismal candidate, Thobani couldn't get baptized this last Sunday because he's 16 and his mom isn't giving him permission. Pretty sad day, and he was really the only thing going on in Chatsworth, so we might have to do some finding!

This week wasn't too exciting, its getting closer to Elder Halford's last day, in fact this is his last week, so we have been getting fed more and more. I might explode!

Yesterday we went on a hike and it took all day, which is why I'm emailing on Tuesday. Spectacular sights and a sweet waterfall. Pictures included.

Love Elder Preator

Elders Bryan, Halford, Faganello, and me.

Me, Elder Kelsey, Halford, and Merile.

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