Monday, December 28, 2015

Soccer On The Beach

In response to your request to share your cold with me, I could try to package up our heat and send it to you. It was like 45 the other day (113 fahrenheit). When we get back into the boarding, we take our shirts off and turn the fans on and sit in front of it. Its too hot!

On Saturday we played soccer on some grass right next to the beach. It was so hot that we were all sweating buckets. And then it got super cold, and rained on us as we walked back to our boarding. (yeah we live a walking distance from the beach.)

I hope you guys are staying warm. Have a Happy New Year!

Elder Preator

The picture is like a weird tick thing my comp found on a dog. It was full of blood.

Swimming (in the humidity)

I am here in Richards Bay, the hottest place on earth. Today's high, is 42. 42...I am going to let you do the conversion yourself (107.6 fahrenheit). And we are right on the beach, so we are swimming around the humidity. You can cut it with a knife. The senior couple here, the Todds, happens to be from Centennial ,Colorado. 

We have been tracting all day every day, on white rich Afrikaans places. I think every Afrikaaner has a boat. We basically ring on gates all day until someone answers, but it's not so bad. My companion is pretty cool. He is from Tanzania and his name is Elder Odhiambo. He been out for 17 months so I'm the junior companion again. Woooooo!

Hope all is well at home!

Merry Christmas! And thanks for all that candy. I will eat maybe some of it. I think you guys are trying to kill me.

Elder Preator

Monday, December 14, 2015

Headed to Richard's Bay

So I am getting transferred away from this place allllllll the way back to Richards Bay which is 2 hours north of Durban. Which means I will take a 12 hour bus ride tonight, and then probably drive 2 hours to our area. Great! #sweatytransfers

Some fun facts that I’ve heard through the grapevine, Richards Bay is one of the hottest places to be. Especially during January, Febuary and March. Its a good thing I’m totally avoiding those months. #drippingwithsweatandsarcasminanticipation

I think I have mentioned Elder Chapman before; well he just got called to be the new AP. I now have friends in high places. 

Elder Smith and I have had some nice adventures this transfer. From building a hobo fire on the porch, to sleeping on the roof. (see picts below)

Sleeping On The Roof With Elder Smith

Picts from Botshabelo Area

Darth Preator with Elder Smith - "That's Impossible!"
Abandoned Airport Picts

Pictures would be Nice, NOT!

So, I have tons of pictures to send, but I can't send them today because the computer is not letting me. We went to that abandoned airport again. We took tons of sweet pictures, and that was nice. Too bad you can't see them! #psychyouout

So I told one of our investigators, Thami, that I was probably leaving soon, and he got really sad. He did assure me however, that he would eventually "make it" which I suppose he thinks is baptism. That would be pretty sweet though. He seems really close, but he just needs to come to church. Our other investigator Sechaba, who is 15, went to Stake Conference with one of the families in the branch. I think he for sure will be baptised. Looking forward to that as well. But, I probably won't be around for that. 

Anyway, yeah, the pictures I will send next week will be worth 1000 words, and you can look forward to that. #believeitwhenyouseeit

Elder Preator