Monday, December 14, 2015

Pictures would be Nice, NOT!

So, I have tons of pictures to send, but I can't send them today because the computer is not letting me. We went to that abandoned airport again. We took tons of sweet pictures, and that was nice. Too bad you can't see them! #psychyouout

So I told one of our investigators, Thami, that I was probably leaving soon, and he got really sad. He did assure me however, that he would eventually "make it" which I suppose he thinks is baptism. That would be pretty sweet though. He seems really close, but he just needs to come to church. Our other investigator Sechaba, who is 15, went to Stake Conference with one of the families in the branch. I think he for sure will be baptised. Looking forward to that as well. But, I probably won't be around for that. 

Anyway, yeah, the pictures I will send next week will be worth 1000 words, and you can look forward to that. #believeitwhenyouseeit

Elder Preator

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