Monday, December 14, 2015

Headed to Richard's Bay

So I am getting transferred away from this place allllllll the way back to Richards Bay which is 2 hours north of Durban. Which means I will take a 12 hour bus ride tonight, and then probably drive 2 hours to our area. Great! #sweatytransfers

Some fun facts that I’ve heard through the grapevine, Richards Bay is one of the hottest places to be. Especially during January, Febuary and March. Its a good thing I’m totally avoiding those months. #drippingwithsweatandsarcasminanticipation

I think I have mentioned Elder Chapman before; well he just got called to be the new AP. I now have friends in high places. 

Elder Smith and I have had some nice adventures this transfer. From building a hobo fire on the porch, to sleeping on the roof. (see picts below)

Sleeping On The Roof With Elder Smith

Picts from Botshabelo Area

Darth Preator with Elder Smith - "That's Impossible!"
Abandoned Airport Picts

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