Monday, December 28, 2015

Swimming (in the humidity)

I am here in Richards Bay, the hottest place on earth. Today's high, is 42. 42...I am going to let you do the conversion yourself (107.6 fahrenheit). And we are right on the beach, so we are swimming around the humidity. You can cut it with a knife. The senior couple here, the Todds, happens to be from Centennial ,Colorado. 

We have been tracting all day every day, on white rich Afrikaans places. I think every Afrikaaner has a boat. We basically ring on gates all day until someone answers, but it's not so bad. My companion is pretty cool. He is from Tanzania and his name is Elder Odhiambo. He been out for 17 months so I'm the junior companion again. Woooooo!

Hope all is well at home!

Merry Christmas! And thanks for all that candy. I will eat maybe some of it. I think you guys are trying to kill me.

Elder Preator

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