Friday, September 25, 2015

Worthy Cause to Speed

Pretty eventful week. We had Zone Conference, so I have no more disposition to do evil...I mean, we are going to do our best to work our hardest this week. Looking forward to it. 

This last week we went and saw a giant statue of Nelson Mandela. Pretty sweet. We also saw tons of zebras, and an ostrich. Also in my pictures is a giant spider in our flat. The other is in the upper corner of our shower. Those guys have been there for weeks. We have an agreement; they don’t mess with us, we don’t mess with them. The two in the shower are Angela and Joey.

In other news, we had great church attendance this past week. We filled up the whole makeshift chapel that fits about 45 with like 50. wooohooo. Our investigators are all doing well. We invited Sister Puleng to be baptized, and she said she would pray about it. Normally people just say yes, but then fall through, so that was kind of different. I think that its a good sign. We’ll find out this week. One of our investigators was being taught by the JW’s as well, so we’re just trying to flush all the false out of him.

Last night our District Leader, Elder Santagane felt pains in what we thought was his appendix, so I assumed the role of ambulance driver and broke tons of laws. Didn’t get caught because my cause was worthy, and it was 11 at night and no one was around. I made our hour drive to Bloemfontein in 30 minutesThe highest speed here is 120, and I was going 160. The senior couples told us to hurry so I blame them when the tracker company calls sometime today! :)  He's still feeling sick, but its nothing serious. 

Elder Preator

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