Monday, November 16, 2015

Trainers within Trainers - Who Knew?

I do look somewhat slimmer now, even though I haven't sent you any pictures. We play soccer nearly every week, and with hiking, and a changed diet, all the missionaries comment. 

I once again went a whole week without taking pictures, but some interesting things have happened. 

1. I am still training Elder Rakotomalala, but Elder Rakotomanana is now training a missionary from...Dum dum dummmmmm. Utah. Elder Smith. But he is pretty cool, and I like him. We have virtually the same music taste, and he doesn't seem like the same breed as those Arizona boys these days. The AZ Elders are turning into the "spiritual giants" so yeah. Its also nice to just have someone to talk/pun with, while our companions relieve their held back wall of information that gets too strained by English.

2. We have an investigator whose name is Thami which is short for Thamsanqa. Obviously you know how to pronounce the Q's by now. He own's a little shop with a pool table and sells cigarettes and candy. Ironically he loved the concept of revelation concerning the Word of Wisdom. We see him nearly every day, and after most lessons, we throw down a couple rounds of pool. My companion is really good, because he said they played pool every week for youth night. Thami should be baptized soon if everything goes according to plan.

3. Elder Smith drives. I have been given small breaks from the burden of driving. Its wonderful. 

I think thats it. I don't know why I made a numerical list for only 3 subjects.

Oh, I have also been doing a deep study of the old testament. We technically aren't supposed to because we are supposed to study for our investigators. Ah. Who cares. I've treasured up in mind the things which I should teach so they will be given to me whenever I petition for them. Pretty sure thats how the scripture goes. (sarcasm seeps dramatically from that)

Ok, love you guys. Hope you are doing well!

Elder Preator

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