Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's on the Beach!

So for New Year's we physically couldn't do much. Everyone in all of
Richards Bay goes to the beach on New Year's and spends the night. We
were there that night until midnight, but the next day was more than
ridiculous.  #partyondude

We live in a nice neighborhood right next to the beach. So
everyone was packing in, driving on the grass, parking on the grass
and walking. We waited to get INTO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD for 1 hour. We
went back to the beach on Saturday because we always play soccer there
on Saturdays, and there were still people there, and this one man said
he had been there since Thursday. They drank all night and all day,
and we even played soccer against tons of drunk guys. I have a
testimony about alcohol and the idiot it can make you become. #mission

Love you all!

Elder Preator


 Elders Schraedel, Doney and Preator

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