Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Out with the Old, In with the New (Mission President)

I'm emailing on a Tuesday this week because yesterday, we had a zone meeting with president, and goodbye interviews. The Zackrison's are leaving! It came so quick, I remember thinking that when they leave, it will only be a short season before I joined them. I am excited, however, that the Thompson's are coming. It will be quite wonderful to see a new perspective on missionary work, and to get to know someone the way I knew President Zackrison.  #changeistheonlyconstant

One thing President told me in our interview was that I shouldn't get my masters from BYU but that I should go to a big technical school. So, yeah. It doesn't change my immediate plan of BYUI and maybe transferring into Provo, but after that, I'll head off hopefully to one of those big schools! I'll try and pay for it too don't worry.

Also this week, a missionary came back to marry a girl...we went to the wedding. #interesting

Anyway, the work is going, love you all!!
Elder Preator

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