Monday, February 2, 2015

The Trouble Twins

Yes, my new companion is just like me so I'll try not to get into to much trouble! 

Yesterday we were standing out on the rocks on the beach, and it was a stormy day, but the ocean was basically in turmoil. So we were taking some companionship photos and a wave came up and totally soaked us...I was in my suit too. Now it smells like salt. 

Anyway, Im really liking things now. We are teaching people left and right, and we are working now more in the townships. Just yesterday it was my comp, me and Vincent all squished together on this little couch teaching the restoration. I need to take more pictures, and sorry today no pictures, next week ill have to get some to you guys. There is one of me and my comp totally soaked.

Last Monday we played rugby on the beach. I got so much sand everywhere, and we all went and stood in the outdoor beach showers fully clothed and tried to get the sand out. I found out that I really like rugby. I need to get a cool rugby jersey and even some rugby shorts. Just kidding they're too short for me. My companion has some though, because he played rugby at home. 

The mission is great, the Lord is in the work.
Love Elder Preator

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