Monday, February 2, 2015

Elders P & P in Stanger

I am still in Stanger. And it is still flipping hot! 40s everyday. (That's Celcius which is about 104 degrees F)

My new companion is from Arizona (Glibert) and He has been on mission for 18 months. He is known in the whole mission for being fluent in Zulu and Shoto. So he is teaching me in the mornings. Anyway, his name is Elder Petrie and he gets my sarcasm and even dishes it back so thats nice, and everywhere we go everyone is flabbergasted at these two white guys speaking their language. 

Hes brought a lot of cool ideas to the table too. He said we should go finding by sitting on a park bench and playing the guitar and singing hymns in Zulu. Which actually isn't too hard now that I am getting the pronunciation down.

Elder Preator

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