Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last with with Trainer in Stanger

Dear Anybody Thinking About Elder Preator,

I have been in South Africa for 3 months. It feels like 3 days, but it feels like home. The Lord has been moving our work here in the little branch of Stanger. This last week has been full of fulfilling lessons, and progressing investigators

In our attempts at going to door to door, we taught a lesson to a man named Luthuli. We taught him the restoration, and we gauged, and the spirit directed us, to ask him the question: "If you come to know that these things are true through prayer and revelation, what will you do?" When we asked it, he said, absolutely. And we proceeded to give him a baptismal date of March 8th. 3 months ago, I wouldn't have been able to fathom asking someone to be baptized, let alone giving them a date on the first visit. Now, and on this occasion, it seems easy. When the spirit directs the questions and lesson and commitments, then things start to happen. We start teaching with the tongues of angels, and we become the mouthpiece for the Lord. As I receive my new companion, I hope to be able to continue to teach everybody. 

In addition to the wonderful work we've been able to accomplish, Ill be losing my trainer who taught me so much. Thats him in the picture. He is a super consecrated and hard working missionary and I will miss him. 

So in South Africa, they don't use the word barbeque. They call it a braai. Which comes from the Afrikaans language. Its pronounced bry and it is exactly what a barbeque is, except its always on a charcoal oven that you have to light with newspaper or whatever you have. Quite fun actually, reminds me of those boy scout days. Anyway we are having a braai today at the beach because it's my comps last day in Stanger.

I hope everybody is well at home! Hamba Kahle!

Love Elder Preator

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