Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas 2014 in Stanger

So my christmas was Hot. 

Its the middle of the summer here, and sequentially the hottest days of the year. I think some one mentioned that on Christmas it was about 40º C, which is HOT. Unless they were just exaggerating, I think 40º C is around 100º F. (Actually, it's 104º F!) Regardless, Christmas was good because we got fed several times, and each meal was huge. I got to see the beach, (1st picture) and we got to call home as well which was great. the 2nd picture is one of our power families that invited us over for Christmas.

This week as far as work goes, we only got in Friday, Saturday and Sunday for proselyting, but we did some solid work. We contacted two power families, the Mcunu family, and the Shabalala family, the latter family revolving around the father being a pastor. In the formers lesson, after we asked if they had any questions or comments, they said that they had questions just the night before that we answered, and they said we were sent right at the perfect time by God. In the pastors family, we taught the restoration, and then asked him to pray, and in his prayer he affirmed all that we taught him and thanked God for sending these messengers to teach him about Joseph Smith. As a pastor, that level of humility and acceptance for a foreign concept is astounding, and something that very rarely happens. These two families gladly accepted a return appointment, and are both thankful for us. Its also crazy that in finding these families, it was only a matter of saying lets go to that house today. The Spirit directs this work.

So I learned this week, that Hakuna Matata from Lion King is literally 'No worries' in Swahili. In my companions language, it is 'A Una Matata'. Also this week I took it upon my self to learn more Zulu and Sotho. That is coming along, slowly, but coming along. My companion was able to learn Zulu in a transfer, so I figured since I'm white it would take me two to three transfers. This theory is proving true. 

Jesus the Christ is a sweet book read it.

Love Elder Preator
A Una Matata

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