Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's 2015 in Stange

Ok guys, 

I lit tons of fireworks on New Year's! Woooohooooo! I know you are all jealous. But anyway, yesterday ay we went to the Patriarch's house for lunch, and afterwards we drove the scenic route. We went to Salt Rock Beach and I went out onto the rocks and we took pictures and everything. If you remember Vincent, he is the member that always comes with us and he is like my best friend. He is the other one in the pictures I attached. Elder Mphaka didn't want to come out onto the rocks with us...haha.

For New Year's, we ate, and ate and ate. We got fed lunch by the Kawhulas and they fed our entire district, all four of us. And after that we went to brother Matthews and we set up a braai. A braai is the Afrikaans and south african word for barbecue, so we set that up and braaied the meat and made the tomato salad and everything. After eating that and being filled, we went to go to the Mthiyanes at Salt Rock Beach for another braai but we couldn't find them and ended up eating at their place later that evening. So all in all we did no work on New Year's, but we did a lot of good work Saturday and yesterday. I hope everybody is well, and today I'
m gonna get some sweet pictures!

Love Elder Preator

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