Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zone Conference in Durban

Dear Friends, Family, Best Friends, and Acquaintances,

Yesterday we had something called Zone Conference, and Zone Conference is basically when LOTS of missionaries get together and receive instruction and guidance from the mission president, assistants and whoever he asks to teach. He talked for a lot of it about obedience. I loved it because he didnt just chastise us, or even tell us where the line of the rule is. He gave us this talk on how we can receive blessings as we become more obedient. Super powerful and my companion and I made some goals to become more obedient.

The branch asked me to give a talk on the 21st and I think I did pretty well. Ok I did fantastic (remember humility is my best trait). But I learned so much in preparing for that talk. I studied from Jesus the Christ. Fantastic book. READ it. And Some Liahonas and the scriptures. It's a little different preparing a talk without just searching on google for good Christmas talks. I talked about what all the names for Jesus meant and my favorite was just the name Jesus.
Joseph was visited by and angel in a dream and was told mary would conceive a child by the Holy Spirit (Mathew 1), and was told to take Mary to wife and name the child Jesus. According to Russel M. Nelson, the couple would have already known the significance of the name Jesus because in the Hebrew roots, Jesus comes from the word Jehosua, which literally means Jehovah is salvation. So the name Jesus quite literally refers to him becoming the savior of the world. Jesus=Savior.

As far as our work goes, we now have a progressing investigator. Yayy.
Her name is Geli and she started out as a reject. We went up to her door and she began by telling us what every other person tells us, "Im already a believer," even though we mentioned Joseph Smith whom they know nothing about. So she said that but then invited us in for cold drink. We debating not going in because it could be a waste of time, but we ended up talking with her, and everything was casual, and then BOOM restoration. After that we left her with a pamphlet and invited her to church. She didn't come because of her church but we returned and introduced the Book of Mormon and left her with a copy. Never have I seen anyone accept the Book of Mormon like she did. We left her with 2 Nephi 31 to read and I'm confident she will read and pray about it like we invited her to do. It's amazing how us not giving up, and opening our mouths instead of just leaving after getting soda turned a reject upside down.

Loving the work, Loving South Africa.
Sala Kahle
Elder Preator

Sunset in Ballito

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