Monday, December 15, 2014

This week we had our christmas party!

We had more people show up to this than we have in church, but we had 3 less active families, and some investigators. One of the members cooked a giant pot of Briani which is a mixture of rice and meat and tons of other spices, and when Indians make it they make it spicy. We were able to hear our mission president and his wife speak in our little branch in Stanger. They drove all the way out here for us. He talked about Discovering the gospel, Embracing the gospel, and then Sharing the gospel. He talked about all the things we can do to share the Gift of Christ with everyone, and it was great because member missionary work in Stanger is dismal. Slim to none. Nonexistent! But I believe he encouraged many of our member to do their best in sharing the gospel. He also showed some sweet youtube videos by the church about Christmas. One of them being the Piano Guys playing Oh Emmanuel which I think is now my favorite Christmas song.

I've attached some pictures of my comp and I and also us with the Mission President and his wife.  The first picture was of the district before transfers.  My companion is now the District Leader, and elder Mackie has been transferred.  Elder Mubumha (or something) from Zimbabwe is the newest District member.

Yesterday we were "teaching" this old indian man who when we contacted him was very drunk and sat us down and told us his whole life story. Dont worry the significance of my mentioning him isn't about him it's about what I felt. He was probably the worst "investigator" we have ever had, but my companion and I wanted to have him at least hear our message. He was so bad, he wouldnt stop talking, and if we tried to talk to him about anything he would shut us down. He said at one point "I dont believe Jesus died for our sins" and when we would turn to John 3:16 he would start saying, close the book close the book, I already know it! To be honest It was very funny and I'm sure most missionaries have encountered someone like this before. The significance in this visit, was that after we had given up trying to share the restoration with him, we bore our testimonies. It was at that point when I was telling that drunk man that I knew the things in those pamphlets, in the Book of Mormon, In the family, and all other missionary literature, is true. Every time I bear my testimony it grows. I didn't realize how small it was, until I found out how much it can grow, and how much it is growing. I encourage anyone reading this, to share the Gospel no matter how you feel. Bearing your testimony in love will never offend anyone, and any friend offended by this offer to share the most magnificent gift of Jesus Christ, shouldn't be your friend. Open your mouths! 

After transfers, I am still in Stanger.  I'm still being trained so my comp and I are still together until Jan 18.  That's when he will probably leave and I'll get someone else.  The mission president told me I would probably start out serving here in Stanger for 6 months.  I love the people though and it already feels like home.

Driving in Downtown Durban is ridiculous.  Today I ran a red light because if I hadn't, I would have gotten hit because EVERYONE surrounding me kept going!  There were horns going off and people everywhere.  The cars crossing that had a green light were pissed.

Oh, so I bought a Guitar also and I played it and sang at the Christmas Party!  I also got my first mission haircut today.

South Africa is wonderful. It already feels like home, and I drink so much guava juice its fantastic. Cheers!!

Sala Kahle (stay well)
Love Elder Preator

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  1. Congrats Elder Preator!
    Hey! Sounds like you are learning the right stuff: testimony, member involvement, love.the members. I'll pick some of the cool stuff to share with the Quorum.
    Stay safe. Sala Kahle. Bro. Call