Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's Play the Piano!

Last week was pretty unexciting. We did have a great Sunday though! One of the babas in this less active family came to church! He's not a member but his wife and children are, so it was really exciting to see him there, and we invited him to come next week. Thobani's baptismal date is set as July 5 and it will be Elder Halford's last Sunday in South Africa. Other than that, nothing exciting really.

Elder Halford wearing a scarf with a puppy inside. Yeah!

We found a lizard and I befriended it.

So Zone Conference is tomorrow, and Elder Stanley G Ellis is coming. Of course I've been enrolled into playing the piano for Zone Conference. I'm playing the hymns, a solo, and am accompanying the senior couples in a musical number. Tonight (Monday night, our day off) we are going to the Mission Home for a family home evening with the senior couples and mission president and wife, and Elder Ellis and his wife. Its just them and my companion and I so I can play for them. Wonderful. Wish me luck guys. I'm going off of limited practice.

Here's a Testimony Bingo that John sent me. Use it wisely.

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