Monday, June 1, 2015

Remaining in Chatsworth...

This week we had Stake Conference, and there was a member of the Seventy here. He was one of the ones from South Africa, but I don't remember his name. Next week, Tuesday, we're having a Zone Conference, and one of the Area Representatives is coming. I think it's Hamilton but I'm not sure. They're having me play a piano piece, surprise, and we haven't even gotten together to practice it. These senior couples are killing me. 

With Brother Moon as the new Stake President there, I guess my return interview won't be too awkward since I already know him, so thats cool. 

It turns out that I'm staying here in Chatsworth this transfer, 'killing' Elder Halford. I'll probably stay in Chatsworth for at least 3 more months because I will have to get my next companion familiar with the area.
This transfer we will be baptizing Thobani. Hopefully his family will accept the lessons and everything.
On Friday, we went and explored some old ruins on the beach. We took markers and we drew things on the rocks. Pretty fun day!
Ok love you guys.
Elder Preator

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