Monday, February 8, 2016

Richards Bay - No more puthu!

I haven't taken any pictures with Elder Martin yet, but I will. Do not worry. And he is very fun. Probably too much fun. Let's just say he has seen Napolean Dynamite a few times and we sometimes get on a quoting spree.  #troubletwins?

He also told me that because of his dad's work they travelled a ton, and lived in the netherlands for a while, and visited like all of Europe, some of norht Africa, and he's been to utah and New York and canada and just everwhere. I'm super jealous. But yeah, this transfer is going to be way cool. We are going to work our hardest and see what happens. 

Both of us were pretty sick this last week. Between the tic bite I got, and the bad puthu and tomatos, we didn't have much time to do much missionary work....Because we were either sleeping, on the toilet or super nauseous. #firsttimesickinalongtime

Go broncos!

Love Elder Preator

 And a picture of me and all the Elders from Madagascar

This is a picture of me and Elder Eastmond

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