Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Super Teach Week!

We are pretty sure it was a tic bite that made us sick last week. Super minor case, so we didn't need to do anything. By the time it was self diagnosed I was back on top again. 

Its great to hear that Rachel is suffering from her wisdom tooth extraction as I did. #JustKiddingSorta 

Hey is Rachel going to be a senior when I get home? I keep doing the math but it blows my mind every time.

My companion and I had a super great week. We taught more this week than I think I have in any other week on mission. Every day we came home and flopped on the beds. Work is going well. We should have 2 baptisms next week and several the beginning of March. So those pictures are to come!!

Love you guys. Enjoy the pictures.

Elder Preator

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