Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baptisms and Weights, Oh My!

Yeah, this week was pretty great. We planned on the roof, and found a sweet dam, taught lots of lessons, baptized some people and bought weights. We are working out like day and night. With the weights, the better I feel the better I work so its definitely worth it. And theres this mission culture where everyone works out a ton 6 months before they go home so they can go home looking good. I’m just getting a head start on it. #feelinggoodandvain

We listened to Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol on audio. That was sweet. They acted out all the voices, so for like scrooge it was some old man who emphatically reads his prescribed lines. It was really sweet. #sweetistheword

Our baptism went well. I might have mentioned it last week, but I forgot to fill the font (basically my first baptism as a senior companion) so we ended up snaking the fire hose into the font and double timing it. Super great:) So their names are Gugu (the Mom) and the Owami (the Daughter) They’re doing great and they just got confirmed yesterday. We have a baptism this coming week as well. His name is Mdu, and he’s super cool. I think he’s already planning on going on a mission  We had our gospel principles class yesterday, and when he stood up to introduce himself, he said, “My names Mdu, soon to be a member of the church.”

In regards to the talent show pictures you sent me.  I was wondering which one of the young men was in the front looking super old. Haha. #gottalovethebishop

Love you guys! Hope all of you are having a great week!
Elder Preator

Planning on the roof

Baptism in Richards Bay

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