Monday, April 11, 2016

Composite Emails from Richards Bay

March 7, 2016

This is Mdu. We baptized him yesterday! Things are going well. Theres a family we are preparing for baptism, the Baxters. And now I’m staying for another transfer, so hopefully I will be able to see them through.

This week went well. Bit on the lazier side, probably because its the last week of the transfer, but thats just excuses. We did teach lots of people. Obviously the highlight was seeing Mdu get baptized. Super cool.:) Well, hope all is well. Love you all!

Elder Preator

March 28, 2016

Well, first off, I haven’t been transferred. I’m still here in Richards Bay with Elder Martin and things are going very well. I apologize for my lackadaisical self last week. You didn't receive an email because the internet wasn’t working or at least thats the excuse I’m going with! :) #lazymissionary

Things are going well. Teaching the people repentance and what not. Fun fact though: this Sunday all the senior couples from the Johannesburg mission were on “vacation” in Richards Bay so our attendance was substantially greater. One of them updated me on the snow storm, and the closure of DIA as one of their children’s flight paths was frustrated and rerouted elsewhere. I wish It was cold here. Its way too hot. I sleep on my back with my thin sheet and a fan on, and I wake up sweating. Miserable, but there are early signs of winter coming on, like my skin not burning off after a few hours in the sun. #lovinsummer

So we were in our area, the township part of it, and as we had been tracting for a long time, we decided to “explore” and we found this trail and took us to some scenic spots. 

 Here's me swinging on a vine!

In front of the beach. It was cold that day....

Trail of Exploration.

April 4, 2016

As for Conference, we actually watched it live. Well we watched Saturday morning at 6 pm on Saturday, and then Priesthood, and Saturday afternoon on Sunday, and then we watched part of the Sunday morning one live at 6 pm as well. Very great conference. They talked a lot about eternal marriage and least that’s all I heard. haha. But really, its amazing how much more I get out of conference on mission than before. #learningfromconference

This week was good though. We keep getting stood up for our 5 and 6 o'clock appointments, which just happens to be the time of the sunset. So we’ve been taking some sweet pictures.

Love you all!
Elder Preator

April 11, 2016

Well, I guess I can tell you my release date. I was hoping to make you wait a bit longer, but I think its time now. My exit date is October 3rd. 13 days before my entrance date. There is a group that is going home a month early so the new mission president won’t have to deal with their going home. #lightatendoftunnel

Things this week were pretty hectic, and it went fairly quickly. We had exchanges with the AP’s so they took us into their area for a change, so we went to Durban. That was the craziest exchange ever. We went to their ZTM and then we all went to McDonalds, and needless to say, 18 missionaries on the roads of durban. Scary. Chapman was pretending to be a taxi driver. Elder Mvinqi would like slide the door open at red lights, and step out and yell “Durban, Durban, Anyone for Durban?” And then he would quickly get back in and we would drive off. Chapman also wore a bucket hat like most taxi drivers and was hooting everywhere haha. It was great! #fakeuperinafrica

Love Elder Preator

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