Friday, April 22, 2016

Moving to Durban with Elder Tan

Great. So. This week. Ready?

We went to Dominoes on Wednesday, and after we came back to the car and drove home, we discovered that my companion's and Elder Shraedel's bags were gone. Someone had remote jammed our car, so when I locked it, the lights showed it was locked, but it actually wasn't. So, yeah, my companion lost his camera and his scriptures, and Elder Shraedel had their car keys, which means, that they don't have a car now. So, we have been taking them around.. That was the highlight of the week:)  #IDon'tNeedThatKindOfExcitement

The real highlight of the week was the baptism. Sister Happy. She was very happy needless to say. Her family wrote some very touching things in my journal because..........

I'm leaving tomorrow to serve in Durban with Elder Tan from Malaysia. So, yeah. Thats the news. #GettingATanInDurban

 Elder Martin, Sister Happy & Elder Preator

Cows in the Street (really, are you sure?)

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