Monday, May 16, 2016

Great Week in Kwamashu

Today was eventful. We went to this place to go paint balling. Super intense, and great at the same time. We lost. Both rounds. But hey, technically we aren’t supposed to keep score. ;) 

I forgot my camera cord again. I will send photos next week. :) This week, I had to do  four baptismal interviews. The other missionaries in Kwamashu had four baptisms yesterday, so that was great to witness. Literally. I always witness. But, baptismal interviews are some of the nice perks that come with being a district leader. It’s so cool to see and talk to all these people that have determined to change their life. And they are people that normally I meet just before their baptism, so I get to see the product of months of teaching and praying. The work is wonderful. I even had to do an interview for this other missionary a couple areas away because our zone leaders were busy. Great week though. Tan is cool. Work is great. Their are about 1000 less actives here, so we are looking for them everywhere, and teaching them, and teaching their friends. Its getting cold too. 

In case you were wondering, I do have a testimony. I haven’t borne it through email in a long time, but yeah. This gospel is true. And the book is blue.

Love you all!

Elder Preator

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