Monday, November 10, 2014

Settled in Stanger

Hello everyone!  

Things in South Africa are pretty sweet now that Ive settled in. I think in my last letter I failed to describe the kind of town we're in. I mentioned that its like the ghetto of detroit. That only describes the immediate town. The surrounding residential areas are whats called townships. It originated from when the British were here and blacks were seen as a lesser population. The whites lived in the cities or towns and the zulu or blacks lived only in the outer city. The outer city residential area is called a township. In these townships, homes can be a regular home around the size of our first floor (so like a living room, kitchen, and bedrooms) and then the homes range down to a cement cubicle with a tin roof about 6 feet by 6 feet. Some of these homes have electricity for a light and most of the people we see cram a refrigerator, TV, bed, and one even had all that and a washer and dryer. 

One of the members who comes with us often to go tracting and to our appts. is Vincent. He lives with his brother and sister and is going to college. He is the hardest working person ive ever seen and his testimony is if mine is a rock, his is a boulder. He lives in a cement house with a tin roof but his is about 12 by 6. His sister has a baby and every time we have gone over the baby is crying. Anyway he has no job and still manages to come out with us all the time. Sometimes our Dinner Appointments are the only food he gets and people in the branch sometimes buy him the essentials. Despite all this he still walks for about 45 minutes to get to church and comes out with us and puts his whole heart into the work, and hes a pretty great guy. Its amazing to see his humility and diligence. And its humbling for me to see it too.

Other than Vincent, this week we taught many restoration lessons and my comp is making me be the one to extend the baptismal invitation. Sometimes its super awkward but now Ive gotten used to it and the investigators will usually say yes. Now if they'll follow through on that, who knows. We also went door to door the other day in this neighborhood that takes like 20 minutes by car to get to. After a couple of unwavering Hindus and some not promising contacts, we came to this guy who was definitely ready for us to meet him. We told him who we are and what we do and he was eager and enthusiastic for us to come back and teach him. My comp joked saying looks like we found the new branch president. Anyway, we know that the only reason we went to that neighborhood was to find that guy. I even said we should go back because we're late for dinner but we decided to knock one more house and it was this guy. The Lord sent us there to knock and get rejected only to find that guy. He works in mysterious ways. 

Alright things are great, comp is great, branch is great, and the baptism I did was great! Hope all is great at home!  

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