Monday, November 17, 2014

Question and Answer Series

This week, I gave Zach a series of questions to see if we could garner more information than normal.  Here are the questions as well as his answers.

1)  Tell us about your companion.  Name would be a good start, etc.
My companion is elder Mphaka pronounced like 'imphaka'. They have a lot of names that start with an M or N its weird. He is from Limpopo which is around Jo-burg and was serving in Seira Leone until Ebola and they shipped all the missionaries to serve in their home countries. His first area here has been Stanger. 

2)  Are there more missionaries in Stanger than the two of you?

Just the two of us

3) What was the flight like to the mission?

The flight was pretty sweet. We had to go to this giant building with lots of people all trying to shine my shoes. We had to go over this weird bridge thing and it brought us to this big cyndrilical thingy that has rows of seats. I didnt know how this thing would get us to durban, but I trusted it. Anyway we sat down in weird chairs that have tables that fold down in front of you!!! in these rows there were like TV screens on the side and if you looked at them they showed you some sweet landscapes or clouds, very soothing. Anyway we sat in these seats for like an hour and then poof we walked out of it and we were in durban. I have no idea what happened and why you would call it a "flight"

4)  How was the mission home and your Mission President?

Great. Also great.

5)  I did enjoy the photos you sent.  It would be grand if you could give some descriptions, otherwise all we see is you and a lot of lizards. Was that a zoo you went to? Did you get to ride a crocodile?

On our first P-day, we went to this place called Crocidile Creek and that guy on the crocodile was our tour guide. He told us all kinds of facts about them and we got to hold one and then we got to hold that snake, and then he gave us a little sample of crocidile meat. Super good.

On a serious note, we are teaching a couple who are Bright Tembo and Octavia Tembo. They are progressing fantastically, but they cant be baptized yet because of marraige issues. They were married traditionally in Zimbabwe but their marraige isnt considered valid by south africa. The church does recognize certain traditional marraiges, especially if the Dowry or Lobola has been paid. In the Tembos situation, Lobola wasnt paid but the two families agreed on the arrangement. Anyway, our branch president is very stubborn because hes indian and he says they need to be married so we have to wait for that to happen. Bright is starting to get uneasy with this whole "the church only wants certain people" and most of the members who they deal with for the marraige situation are quite rude and its been a challenge to keep them close to the gospel. 

Anyway thats really the only promising investigators, and the rest of the week has been pretty average. 

I'm tuning this really old piano in the church so that we can wheel it in to the chapel and finally have some quality music.

Later today we are seeing a dolphin show for P-day with some other missionaries in the Durban zone. I didnt take any pictures this last week but ill be sure to take some today. 

Swag. It does rain here a lot but when everyone else is freaking out because its "freezing" I'll roll around in a short sleeved shirt and be fine.

Hope all is well in the states, 

Love Elder Preator

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