Monday, November 3, 2014

Driving in Kwadukuza AND Dr. Pepper!

So first of all, I'm driving! Second of all, DR Pepper! With those two things I think I'll be fine. 

I'm in this little town called Stanger by the British Colonization, and renamed Kwadukuza by the Zulu population, and to describe it to you would be like describing the ghetto in Detroit. Despite that, everyone for the most part is pretty nice. Just the other day on the way to Durban (which is an hours drive), we were totally lost and we asked some random guy on the road for directions and he led us there with pretty good instructions. 

Anyway, my companion is from around Jo-burg and was serving in Sierra Leone and was transfered to the Durban mission because of Ebola. He's been on his mission a year but he's only been in Durban specifically Stanger for two transfers (which is three months). Given that, he knows quite a bit of Zulu and talks to people with it all the time. I started doing the same but not as confident. that brings up another point. everyone we speak to is black or really dark indian. Soooo basically I've been able to count the white people I've seen so far this week on one hand. The patriarch for the stake is in this branch and him and his wife are white, there is another lady in our branch that is white, and the dad of one of our investigators is white. Everyone else in our gigantic area is black. 

I've had some curry already and I really like it. One of the indian couples in our branch made us some chicken curry with potatoes. Instead of utensils, they provided tortiallas which we took and used as gloves kinda, and then we used them to soak up the rest of the juice. The other interesting food we had was pumpkin at the patriarch's house. They put lots of sugar on it and we ate it with rice and beef stew and steamed vegetables. I dont know what else to talk about, we get two hours to email but even that goes by fast. I guess the only news on our investigators is that my comp doesnt want to baptize the one he's been teaching and so I'm baptizing him, on sunday. 

Alright Cheers!

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  1. Dr. PEPPER! my favorite. brings comfort to your soul. Knowing you are driving, however is moderately terrifying. Congrats on your first baptism.