Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Death by Gluttony at McDonalds

I’m getting transfered to a place called Chatsworth this week. It’s an all Indian area. I’m so excited...Ill talk about it next week.

Food Suicide at McDonalds: Theres a meal thats 135 rands thats called a share box. The challenge was between the Elder Mupumha and I to see who could finish one first.
It includes
        Big Mac X2
        McDuoble X2
        Large Fry X2
        Small Fry X2
        10 piece chicken nugget
        large drink X2
        small drink X2

The Indian temple by Phoenix. We had to take off our shoes. It was outdoors. Also look at the big Idol I took a picture with.

Members of the branch in Stanger.


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  1. You didn't say who won the McD test. Should this be part of our mission Prep program?