Monday, March 30, 2015

Interesting Week in Chatsworth

So this week got pretty interesting towards the end. 

On the way to one of our appointments, I was driving (Elder Halford doesn’t have a license) and on this narrow road with houses close on both sides, there was much room for error. One of the gates opened about 2 feet and a dog darted out before I could do anything. We hit him and he spun across the street. The owner came out and we stopped and he wasn’t angry or anything, says his dog is stupid (agreeable) and he was only concerned with our car. Nice guy, the dog was ok too so that was nice. :) 

Also this guy in our ward, Stanton (less active), was out drinking Saturday night with his brother (also less active). The two of them were out fighting or something and we were at their parents house just comforting them because they were telling us all that was happening with the sons. As we were there they said the police called and told them they caught the brothers driving and gave them a warning and told them to walk home. We were all kind of relieved so we left to our other appointments. Yesterday, we got a call that one of the brothers, Stanton, was in the hospital because they both went back and carried on driving and rolled the car off the highway. Stanton wasn’t wearing his seatbelt so he was in the hospital with a cracked skull and other injuries. We gave him a blessing and he told us that he was going to change. And I believed him.

After that we went to this less-active’s house, Marcus, and his house is sweet. He installs surveillance cameras for a living, and his house is huge with cameras outside and everything. Electric fence and the usual South African precautions. Anyway, we sat down and he told us all about the reason he went less active. He was offended by several things and then he started encountering anti-Mormon doctrine.  He told us all about how his testimony has deteriorated to the point where he doesn’t believe in God or religion anymore. Despite everything, we listened and didn’t say anything pressing. We kind of just joked about some of the doctrine that he brought up, and he said “you guys are the coolest missionaries I’ve met since a long time ago” so yeah. There’s a high councilor in charge of Chatsworth who was in the Seventy before and he has been meeting with this guy as well. We’re rubbing shoulders with some important people.

Man, it’s crazy being 18 and encountering all of these kinds of things, but I know the Lord sends us where we need to go and my testimony has been strengthened every day. 

I forgot my camera again...But I only had a picture of a snake at the chapel. Other than that we haven’t really taken any pictures. My companion and I have been doing P90X everyday for the past two weeks. Its killer and I can feel myself getting skinnier already!

Thanks for all you guys do, praying for the Hickmans, South Africa is great!

Love Elder Preator


Here are a couple of photos of the Chatsworth area that I've found online.  One is just a normal Chatsworth neighborhood, and the other is a Hari Krishna temple there.

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