Monday, March 23, 2015

Parable of the Sower

Thanks for the poem. I really like it and Im glad to finally have enough knowledge to possess the parable of the sower in my repertoire. I actually know where its found and everything. 

My area, Chatsworth is good. I could leave it at that but It would not encompass all of the “things” that have happened to me so far. The members here have really picked it up. There is one family in all of the active members that is Zulu. The 23 year old guy, Nati that lives there introduced us to his cousin who lives with them, so we have been able to teach him. He is progressing very nicely, and we are planning on giving him a B-date pretty soon. I think he will be able to deliver as well. 

In addition to that, Chatsworth, a member told us, is one of the least desirable places in south Africa. Apparently there is a big drug problem here with cocaine. Very reassuring. 

I guess my companion and I are just trucking along. We both enjoy laughing so thats nice, and I feel much more confident around people because of him. He is also into looking good and style as I am so thats nice. This member in our ward said we could come over and he is going to show us how to sew, and he is going to help us slim fit our suits and all my trousers and shirts... I already slimmed a tie on my own and stitched up my skinny jeans so hopefully I will come home with lots of useful talents.

The lord really is in this work. Theres been some days where we are convinced that nothing we did was coincidential. 

Anyway, love you all!


Here is the poem I sent him.  (from the New Testament Institute Manual)

When gospel truth is gently sown
in my unlearned heart,
I hope it finds no hardened crust
on wayside paths apart.

Nor even drops on softer spot
with hardness just below,
Where faithless, poorly rooted sprouts
are doomed to never grow.

I pray it shall not fall in dirt
where thorns have made their bed.
Where choking plants, ’mid worldly cares,
grow fruitless, nearly dead.

But let that seed find fertile soil
in deep and clean abode,
And drawing life, yield true and full
to Him who gently sowed.

                               — Anonymous

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